If it's really about revenge, the Patriots are doing a good job of hiding it

INDIANAPOLIS—I’m not sure there’s any way to figure this out, but I would love to know how many times the word “revenge” was brought up during the Patriots’ 60-minute Media Day session at Lucas Oil Stadium on Tuesday. I’d venture to say you couldn’t go more than five minutes without hearing a reporter ask one of the players a variation of the question, “How much does the idea of revenge play a factor for you heading into this game?”

Hey, these two teams are so skilled in the art of reciting company lines that reporters have to look for something.

But if revenge truly is on the minds of the Patriots players and coaching staff in anticipation of Sunday’s Super Bowl, they sure as hell aren’t making it public.

In fact, check out the similarities in responses from the following four Patriots:

Vince Wilfork: “Both teams are so different now, so it really doesn’t mean anything. It’s just you have the two same teams that played playing again, but as far as revenge and they’re holding the torch and all, I don’t think it’s anything big there.”

Tom Brady: “I know there is a lot of build-up around the fact that we played these guys five years ago, but those were very different teams five years ago.”

Wes Welker: “It’s just the same organizations are going at each other. It’s different players, really, different teams playing the game. I don’t think there are too many guys who are here from ’07.”

Deion Branch: “No I don’t think so. This is a different year and a different team. It’s really all about the game on Sunday.”

Yeah, it’s a different year and these are different teams. But what members of the Patriots say publicly versus what they say and how they feel behind closed doors is a different matter. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are two very competitive people. And while they’d want to come out on top against any Super Bowl opponent, we’d have to imagine that defeating the Giants on Sunday would taste just a tad bit sweeter.

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