Could the 'Skins make a play for Jackson?

Would you be surprised if Mike Shanahan’s Redskins made a move to bring in WR Vincent Jackson from the Chargers?

According to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the ‘Skins are one of several teams who have shown interest in Jackson—including the Seahawks.

We all know that San Diego GM A.J. Smith has held a pretty firm stance when discussing the contract situation of Jackson—and his desire for a big deal—but if you are the ‘Skins, why wouldn’t you at least entertain the idea of making a play here?

Shanahan is trying to win now. This isn’t a rebuilding project like we are seeing up in Buffalo with new hire Chan Gailey. Instead, we are watching an offensive head coach add parts that fit his scheme. It started with QB Donovan McNabb in April. You bring in a franchise QB to win—not to develop young talent.

And, undeveloped young talent is what the Redskins have at WR outside of an aging Santana Moss and a roster hopeful in Joey Galloway. Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly are two high draft picks that haven’t shown the yearlong production and accountability that is demanded at the NFL level.

Potential? Sure, but this isn’t college football where players are given years to work on their skills before they are asked to perform against the top competition.

Jackson would change that. A player that can win at the line of scrimmage, create separation down the field and make plays at the point of attack. A perfect fit for Shanahan’s offense: the play action, the movement passes and the vertical game. Plus, we have to remember what Jackson can do inside of the 20-yard line. A real red zone threat.

He is a legit No.1, and although we throw that title around a ton in this league when we talk about the WR position, Jackson is true to this thought. Would he demand a big contract upon his arrival? Of course, but we are talking about the Washington Redskins here. Daniel Snyder will pay top dollar for what he considers top talent.

Yes, it is still all speculation at this point, but there is a reason we are seeing interest in Jackson, despite what amounts to a big price tag. He is a talent and a player that you can start to build a game plan around.

The Redskins may have to get creative with a trade, but the idea fits. You have to bring in the right talent to win.

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