Aaron Hernandez is running out of money for legal team

Aaron Hernandez enjoyed a nice life when he was in the NFL with the Patriots. He signed a $40 million contract, bought a big home in the suburbs and was able to spend his riches on whatever he wanted.

That life has since come to a halt now that he's being tried in two separate murder trials. On top of that, it appears just about all of his money is gone. According to a report from FOX Sports, Hernandez is beginning to have trouble paying his attorneys representing him.

First, there's the murder trial where Hernandez is accused of killing former semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd. And most recently, Hernandez was charged with the double murder of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado.

Hernandez's attorneys Charles Rankin and James Sultan filed documents stating that they may discontinue representing the former NFL tight end. The report states that Hernandez is unable to sell his home due to a restraining order and part of his $12.5 million signing bonus ($3.25 million) is in dispute as a result of his murder charges. As a result, he has no influx of money. 

But if that money comes in, then Hernandez may be able to pay for his top-notch defense team again.

If not, Hernandez may be asking for a public defender.

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