Biggs: Hebert to march in drag today

Bobby Hebert will march in drag in the French Quarter today.

The one-time Pro Bowl quarterback picked up the microphone where New Orleans sports talker Buddy Diliberto left off in 2005, and one of the promises DIliberto made was that if the Saints ever reached the Super Bowl, he’d parade down Bourbon Street in drag. Hebert is going to make good for him today, according to Steve Hummer of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"This thing has grown unbelievably," Hebert told Hummer. "They were talking about hundreds of guys doing it. Including those who actually like to cross dress."

Hebert, who has been doing radio work in the Big Easy for nearly a decade, followed Diliberto at WWL radio. His daughter Cammy, who works in the fashion industry, and his wife, Joan, will help him with his get-up and makeup.

Hebert will then spend the week in Miami for the Super Bowl before returning to the Big Easy for the weekend and the most celebrated game in the history of the New Orleans franchise. That’s where the party will be after all.

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