Biggs: Police nab man who stole Aaron Rodgers Dr. sign

We predicted Aaron Rodgers Drive might not make it through the weekend, and thanks to the fine police work of officer Steve Mahoney, one of Green Bay’s finest, the street sign erected Thursday was only down for a matter of hours.

Mahoney arrested a 47-year-old man in the early hours this morning when he was spotted with the street sign in his car, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reported. The newspaper left out the identity of the alleged thief. Green Bay police told the National Football Post that Thomas S. Hodkiewicz was the man arrested.

Mahoney spotted a “strange green glow” coming from Hodkiewicz’s car and when he got closer he noticed that it was the street sign. Mayor Jim Schmitt changed the name of Minnesota Avenue, a short dead-end street, to Aaron Rodgers Drive on Thursday in anticipation of the arrival of Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings this weekend. The plan was for the sign to be taken down on Monday and the street renamed Minnesota Ave. Rodgers is supposed to autograph the sign and then it will be donated to a charity.

The report states that Hodkiewicz claimed he took the sign as a joke and was planning to donate it to his own charity, one which he couldn’t identify. Would that be the charity resting inside his pants pocket known as the wallet? He wasn't identified as a Packers or Vikings fan by police.

Police stated Hodkiewicz smelled of alcohol but passed sobriety tests. Hodkiewicz was jailed, issued a theft citation and given a $366 cash bond. The sign was to be returned to the street post at some point today.

Hooligans plotting action tonight might be wise to put the sign in their trunk. Apparently, a strange green glow will capture the attention of lawmen.

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