Charles Barkley to Dez Bryant: 'Pay your debts'

Since Charles Barkley is weighing in on everything these days – from the NCAA Tournament to athletes being paid at Auburn – we might as well get his take on Dez Bryant because, well, it’s been a while since any news has surfaced on the Dez Watch.

When we last left off with Bryant, his advisor David Wells (the guy who helped arrange a lot of the unpaid loans for jewelry) said the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver was in a “dark place.”

Barkley weighed in on KESN-FM on Wednesday and you can listen to the interview here. The Dallas Morning News was kind enough to transcribe it.

“Could you all control Dez Bryant down there for me?” Barkley said. “Guys have to understand, man, it isn’t about being a punk or bagging down or being like that. You have to back down all the time if you’re a celebrity now because there’s nothing positive…growing up, if people started with you, you’d say, ‘I’m not going to be no punk.’ That’s when you’re young and you’re childish. When you’re in the limelight now, you got to stand down. You got to stand down because everything you do is going to be a big deal. So you don’t take it personal.”

Barkley doesn’t advise athletes to invest their money in jewelry, either.

“Anybody that buys a lot of jewelry I think they’re an idiot,” Barkley said. “But, I’m going back to the thing at the mall. You have to be smart enough to understand that I’m going to back down here, because I know whether it’s me or my friends who has their pants hanging down, ‘Dez Bryant’ is going to be the name in the paper. I got to stand down.

"Now, the jewelry thing: pay your debts. I think anybody that wastes their money on jewelry - I think they’re an idiot anyway – but you got to pay your debt, plain and simple. You know it’s going to be a big deal; I mean, now this is all people are going to talk about. You got to pay your debt, plain and simple.”

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