Dez Bryant has settled latest debt per Jerry Jones

Not only has Dez Bryant settled up his debt with a New York investment firm, he’s matured incredibly over the last two seasons.

This, according to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has probably been as concerned as anyone about the dealings of the mercurial wide receiver.

The Boston Herald reported earlier this week that Bryant owed more than $50,000 on a $100,000 loan and was more than a year past due. There was talk of Bryant potentially being served at the team’s hotel this weekend in advance of the game with the New York Giants Sunday night at MetLife Stadium.

Problem averted, according to Jones, who talked about the wide receiver Friday on 105.3 FM in Dallas.

“I've got some familiarity with the details, quite a bit familiarity with the details of this business that he had this week off the field," Jones said, according to the Dallas Morning News. "I would say that that is the reason you have disagreements. I know firsthand that the bill was paid and accepted, so I can't say and wouldn't say any more about that."

This is just the latest in unpaid bills for Bryant, who has been dodging bill collectors as much as he has been attempting to evade defensive backs.

“His maturation over the last two years has been outstanding," Jones said. "Relative to his habits with meetings, on time, timeliness, preparation and the kinds of things we were concerned about when we drafted him he's made tremendous progress."

That should be a relief. Maybe Bryant will stay out of the headlines for off-field transactions for a while now.

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