Dolphins' Marshall briefly detained in mixup

Miami Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall was briefly handcuffed and detained by Broward County Police after a mixup over a $142 cab fare, according to the South Florida Times.

Marshall was accused of trying to avoid paying the cab fare in a matter that happened around 5 a.m. on Nov. 14 at the Fort Lauderdale Airport and was resolved at a Port Everglades checkpoint a few hours later. Marshall had been at a birthday gathering for teammate Karlos Dansby.

“He didn’t know where he wanted to go,” cab driver Peterson Pierre told the newspaper. “When I woke him up and told him he had to pay, he said he wasn’t and started arguing for me to take him home.”

According to the police report, Marshall said he could not understand Pierre's accent and walked away to avoid further trouble.

“Marshall said the cab driver was difficult to understand because of his thick accent and refused to take him home,” the report states. “He indicated that, instead of continuing to argue with him, he simply walked away from him and he entered another cab to go home.”

The second cab driver took Marshall to the security checkpoint, where he was briefly handcuffed and detained, but then agreed to pay the fare and apologized to the cab driver.

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