Hoyer's agent: Extension would be hard to do

An ESPN report early Monday stated that the Browns wanted to lock up quarterback Brian Hoyer with an extension.

Hold that thought, his agent Joe Linta told NFL.com. While the two parties have begun preliminary talks, it doesn't appear that anything is set to materialize any time soon.

"[I]t will be a very difficult deal to do," Linta said. "We're always open to talking with the Browns, but we're content to wait and see what happens down the road."

It's definitely a good sign with Hoyer's knee that the Browns want to work something out with him. But a lot of factors are involved, including if Hoyer will even be the starting quarterback in Week 1. If so, Hoyer could then bet on himself for future seasons. If not, and Johnny Manziel wins the job, then why enter into a contract extension when Hoyer is set to be a free agent in 2015?

So yes, as Linta stated, it would be very difficult for Hoyer to sign an extension at this time. It's definitely best for him to hold off until he has a better feel on his future in Cleveland.

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