Jerry Jones: 'Watch us beat the Giants' ass'

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has vowed to watch what comes out of his mouth this season.

That doesn’t mean Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has to check himself. Not one bit.

Jones fired from the lip on Tuesday, giving the New York Giants plenty to rally around in advance of the Sept. 5 season opener between the teams at the Meadowlands. Yes, Jones fired a real shot at the defending Super Bowl champions.

Y'all should come to that (Cowboys) stadium and watch us beat the Giants' ass,” Jones told fans as the team kicked off training camp, according to ESPN Dallas.

So, what does coach Jason Garrett make of this? You guessed it, who is he to argue with his boss?

“Jerry Jones owns this football team," Garrett said. "He has owned it for 23 years, so he can do anything he wants."

Surely it didn’t make Garrett real comfortable, though, knowing the big man had given the Giants the ultimate in bulletin board material.

"We don't make any guarantees around here," Garrett said. "We're going to work hard every day to put a great football team together. We're in the process of doing that."

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