Lions' Jon Jansen will begin writing column

Jon Jansen isn’t ready to hang ’em up yet, having re-signed with the Detroit Lions back in March for another one-year contract.

But he’s still ready to pick up the pen, or the laptop as the case may be, and embark on a writing adventure for the Detroit Free Press. The offensive lineman will pen a column for the newspaper this year.

Jansen has done television work before, helping in ESPN’s draft coverage. This is a different media spectrum for him, one he’ll be playing not far from his hometown of Clawson, Mich. It’s being from the area and having played in college at Michigan that led to Jansen picking the Lions – the 0-16 Lions – within hours of being released by the Washington Redskins, who offered him an opportunity to retire after a decorated run with the organization.

“Plenty of people across the state of Michigan can attest that no matter what the circumstances are, when you lose your job, it is very personal for you and your family,” Jansen wrote.

“What started out to be one of the worst days of my professional career would end as one of my bright spots. As with anything that comes to an end, something new must begin. I began the day as a Washington Redskin and finished the day a Detroit Lion.

“I did contemplate retirement, but as I looked into my future I knew I still had too much football left to play and so much I still wanted to accomplish on the football field. The moment I had made my decision to keep playing I called my agent and told him to contact the Lions. I signed a contract soon afterward.”

Jansen has seen a lot in 11 seasons in the league. Heck, he was teammates with the National Football Post’s Matt Bowen for a stretch in Washington. His columns should be worth following, especially if the Lions can build incrementally on the progress they made with Jim Schwartz last season when they climbed out of the losing funk with a first victory over Jansen’s former Redskins.

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