Packers hawking replica Super Bowl rings to fans

Green Bay Packers fans have a chance to get their hands on a Super Bowl ring without paying the big bucks it’s going to take to win Fuzzy Thurston’s Super Bowl II ring at auction.

Now, they can get their hands on replica Super Bowl XLV rings and other commemorative jewelry that the team will be selling, surely an effort to put a dent in the large market of unlicensed trinkets.

According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Packers sent a letter to season-ticket holders this week informing them what will be available. Included is a 10-karat ring that identifies them as a season-ticket holder or shareholder. It costs $2,499. A more modestly priced replica is $399. Other fans can purchase a 10-karat ring that is an “Ultimate Fan Ring” for $1,999. The lustrium ring option is only $299.

The rings are made by Jostens, the same company that produced the championship jewelry for players, coaches and team employee.s Plenty of other items are available.

"This collection emphasizes affordability, but maintains the same heirloom quality as that given to the players and coaches," Murphy wrote in the letter.

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