Panthers hire a cop to keep reporters away from practice

The Carolina Panthers are getting to work today but they’d prefer to be left alone.

Yes, the club coming off a 2-14 season would like no publicity at all. A team in need of a good P.R. makeover isn’t going to get one the way it’s going about business though. According to an Associated Press report, the players have hired an off-duty police officer to keep reporters away from their workout at Charlotte Christian School.

The expensive cars in the parking lot didn’t belong to teachers – or students – but the players who showed up. Cam Newton, the club’s No. 1 overall pick, is expected to participate in the workouts which will run through June 9.

Left tackle Jordan Gross has organized the workouts and reports are media will be kept away until the final day. The players are concerned about distractions. Seems to us they’ve got far bigger concerns than that. The lockout is adversely affecting them and it’s also affecting fans. By removing media from the equation, the players aren’t helping the fans anxious for football news.

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