Pat Summerall knows how treacherous N.Y. weather can be

For the time being, I promise this is the last post about the weather for a game that is nearly four years away. I don’t know about yours, but my meteorologist can’t get tomorrow’s weather right, so why worry about the weather in New York on a Sunday in February 2014?

Count Pat Summerall as someone who is hoping a blizzard doesn’t blow through New York for Super Bowl XLVIII. He doesn’t want weather to play a heavy hand in deciding the game or have the championship remembered for Mother Nature more than the action itself.

It’s surprising maybe considering Summerall kicked one of the most famous field goals in New York Giants history. Playing at Yankee Stadium in 1958, Summerall booted a 48-yarder in a driving snowstorm to lead the Giants to a 13-10 victory and forge a first-place tie that eventually helped the team get to the championship game that season, one they lost to the Baltimore Colts. No Summerall kick in the driving snow, no Greatest Game Ever Played, right?

Summerall has seen the havoc the wind can play at the old Giants Stadium and fears the one built across the parking lot will have just as many tricks to it.

“I've seen games in the cold, windy weather in old Giants Stadium where it was almost impossible to kick a field goal and impossible to throw the ball," Summerall told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News. "I understand this stadium faces the opposite direction of the old one.”

That means the wind won’t react the same way as it did in the old stadium but it still could be very much a factor. When the Bears reconstructed Soldier Field and made the stadium higher on all sides, it created more wind for kickers and punters to deal with. On bad Sundays at the old Giants Stadium, it was difficult to throw the ball, let alone kick it. A Super Bowl in which neither team can throw the ball is not something the NFL is looking for when it voted last week to play Super Bowl XLVIII in New York.

"I hate to see weather be a factor in the game," Summerall. "I'm glad New York got the Super Bowl. There is no place to play like New York. But I'm sorry the outcome of the game might depend upon the weather."

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