Report: Dave Brandon to resign as Michigan athletic director

For Michigan fans, this probably couldn't have happened soon enough.

According to an ESPN report, Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon will officially announce his resignation later Friday afternoon. A press conference is scheduled for 1:30 p.m.

Brandon has received criticism all year on a variety of issues. Those range from the poor performance of his 2011 coaching hire Brady Hoke, the increase in ticket prices during his tenure, his desire to sell advertisements inside Michigan Stadium and the bothced handling of quarterback Shane Morris, who sustained a head injury against Minnesota but was allowed to keep playing.

Calls to fire Brandon have been rampant across the Michigan campus all season. A quick look at his Twitter feed — which will likely be disabled or deactivated in the near future — has fans replying to numerous tweets asking him to step down from his position.

Brandon's most recent hiccup in the spotlight occurred when emails were released showing him taking a snarky attitude toward fans that wrote in showing displeasure with the direction the program was headed.

With Brandon stepping down, it's likely Hoke will be looking for a new job in the near future too. A new athletic director would be unlikely to keep Hoke around any longer given how the Wolverines (3-5) have fared this season.

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