Report: Favre needs ankle surgery to play

If Brett Favre is going to return for a 20th season in the NFL and a second with the Minnesota Vikings, the future Hall of Fame quarterback is going to require surgery on his ankle.

That is what ESPN reported. News of Favre’s ankle bothering him recently surfaced as he told the NFL Network’s Steve Mariucci that his left ankle was ailing him.

“He doesn’t know yet,” Mariucci said about a return of the purple No. 4. "He's trying to heal up. His body is recovered except for that ankle. That's not quite ready yet. It's an ankle that he had surgery on twice before and it's still pretty puffy. You remember he came out of that game with the ankle and went back in, but it's still swollen.

"He's trying to determine: Is his body telling him something here? Or is he going to be feeling better in due time. He still hasn't made up his mind, and the Vikings are not rushing him.”

Getting surgery in order to play is obviously something Favre had done last spring when he underwent surgery on his right shoulder. This story isn’t going to go away soon. The drama is only going to build. Stay tuned.

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