Roger Goodell on 'Deflategate': 'We want the truth'

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated that the league is conducting a serious, thorough investigation into whether the New England Patriots intentionally deflated footballs in the AFC championship game.

The NFL has announced that 11 of the Patriots' dozen footballs were below league standards.

"We don't know enough in this case to know who is responsible or if there was an infraction," Goodell said.
"We want the truth."

Goodell said the league is more concerned about determining whether a rule was broken, not if a competitive advantage was gained.

Goodell said he hasn't considered resigning.

"It has been a tough year," Goodell said. "It's been a tough year on me personally. It's been a year of what I would say is humility and learning. We obviously as an organization have gone through adversity, but more importantly, adversity for me. It's an opportunity for us to get better. ... We've all done a lot of soul searching starting with yours truly."

When asked about his close relationship with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Goodell replied: "I was at the Krafts' residence along with season-ticket holders, sponsors and media partners, the night before the AFC Championship. That's part of what we do. I was there to participate in the program with our partner, CBS. It's something I do on a regular basis. It's not unusual.

"It's also not unusual that I work closely with owners Professionally I have a relationship, and I also admire, respect and think very highly of him on a personal level. There's no hiding from that point. Since he knows me so well and knows that I'm not going to do anything to compromise the integrity of the league, I think he has no doubt that I will do the right thing."

Kraft didn't attend the press conference.

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Aaron Wilson covers the Ravens for The Baltimore Sun

Aaron Wilson
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