Wednesday Whys

Why would Brett Favre’s family book hotel rooms in Green Bay for the Vikings game on Nov. 1?

It looks like the Favre clan – and there are many of them – have booked rooms at the Midway Motor Lodge a block from Lambeau Field. The Midway was my home during my first six months living in Green Bay (the room to my left was that of Ray Rhodes; to the right was Donald Driver). Having lived in Titletown for nine years, I know how hard it is for people to get a hotel room at the Midway or anywhere near the stadium on game weekends, especially the weekend of the Vikings game. With Favre not in possession of any residences there – unlike this writer – the family had to find lodging. The moment the schedule comes out, hotel lines are buzzing with people far and wide booking their dates. Wedding dates are put on hold until that schedule is released.

It’s surprising that rooms were still available, although their name probably helped. A sign that Brett will be playing for the Vikings? Well, he won’t be playing for the Packers.

Why was Michael Vick given a new deadline for a bankruptcy plan?

Because the first one didn’t work. Vick presented an earlier plan that made many – including the presiding judge — think that he still doesn’t “get it,” complete with assorted living expenses for the herd of people in his life in some role or another. With that plan disapproved, Vick now has until July 2 to present another, one that has some teeth to it.

With everything else going on around Vick, there is a true cautionary tale at work here. This is someone who signed – at the time – the largest contract in the history of the National Football League. Now he’s figuring out – for the second time – a bankruptcy plan to deal with liabilities exceeding $20M.

Fame and money in professional sports are quite fleeting; the income from sports simply allows for a head start on the rest of life. Vick had a major head start financially and has allowed himself to not only lose that head start but fall way back in the race. Financial security will be hard for him, even with the massive amounts he has made.

And now my pet peeve Why of the Week.

Why, when interviewing someone, do some media people say or ask, “Some say that you…” or “It is said that you….”?

It always astounds me that the person being interviewed never answers, “Are you one of those who say that?” Tell us what you think; not what you heard.

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