‘Cover City’: NFL Week 2 Picks And Breakdown With Christian Pina

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Sports Handle is pleased to present Cover City: A Pro and College Football Betting Podcast, hosted by Eric Rosenthal (@ericsports). Rosenthal is a professional sports bettor who focuses on NFL and college football. He has wagered more than $25 million in the last nine years, getting banned from many sportsbooks along the way.

NFL Week 2 is Overreaction Week! Joining Rosenthal on Cover City to break it all down is Christian Pina (@ChristianPina), professional sports handicapper for Radar Sharp Edge, host of Inside Vegas and  Gambling Podcast content editor.

Time codes for the episode follow below. Enjoy.

1:40: Passing on the upcoming college football slate.

2:49: Carolina Panthers +6 at Atlanta Falcons: Disastrous red zone play-calling by the Falcons and a ridiculous Matt Ryan-Julio Jones stat. Falcons injuries and touchdown regression.

7:06: Eyeing Christian McCaffrey receiving prop bets.

7:51: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers: Line unknown, except in SuperContest. Discussing Aaron Rodgers’ uncertain status impact on Week 2.

12:06: Los Angeles Chargers -7.5 at Buffalo Bills: The Nathan Peterman era comes to an end. Joey Bosa out again.

14:48: Teaser leg of the week, making teaser bets and some principles to follow.

19:36: Eric pushes all in on Houston.

22:30: Doctor’s orders regarding Aaron Rodgers and what that means for the prop market in Green Bay.

23:35: Philadelphia Eagles -3 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Keep on eye on the hook here. The guys love this game, buying low and selling high.

28:30: New England Patriots PK at Jacksonville Jaguars: You don’t get rich betting against the Patriots. Rules don’t apply and Christian leans under.

30:20: All in on James White in the prop market (assuming Rex Burkhead and Sony Michel are out).

31:42: New York Giants +3 at Dallas Cowboys: Pina thinks Dallas will be an under team all year and here, too.

34:36: Pina’s play of the week: Pittsburgh -4 vs. Kansas City Chiefs.

37:20: Whipping through some other games — stay aways with Los Angeles -13 vs. Arizona and San Francisco -6 vs. Detroit; Seattle +3.5 at Chicago (looking under).

45:33: Eric’s Top 5 picks for Week 2 in the SuperContest.

Come back on Monday for the NFL Week 2 recap and a look ahead to Week 3. Follow us on Twitter at @ericsports and @ChristianPina and also at @sports_handle.

Bonus! Check out this week’s episode of  ‘The NFL Handle’: featuring Robert Walker And Matt Perrault.

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The post ‘Cover City’: NFL Week 2 Picks And Breakdown With Christian Pina appeared first on SportsHandle.

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