‘Cover City’: NFL Week 1 Picks, And Stories With @NotSportsCenter

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Sports Handle is pleased to present Cover City: A Pro and College Football Betting Podcast, hosted by Eric Rosenthal (@EricSports). Rosenthal is a professional sports bettor who focuses on NFL and college football. He has wagered more than $25 million in the last nine years, getting banned from many sportsbooks along the way.

New episodes of Cover City will be released during the NFL and college football seasons on Mondays and Thursdays. Monday shows will cover the preceding slate of games with takeaways and what to watch for going forward, with fun interviews with sports media/social figures mixed in; Thursday episodes will cover top games and picks for the upcoming college football Saturdays and NFL Sundays.

It’s NFL Week 1! The time to debate whether or not to wager on preseason games and ultimately do it, is over!  Time codes for the episode follow below. 

00:30: Interview with Will Applebee, sports bettor and lawyer-turned-@NOTSportsCenter guy.  (Also behind@JeopardySports, @SomeonesAnIdiot and more.)

04:30: Falcons at Eagles

06:30: Steelers at Browns

09:30: 49ers at Vikings

12:20: Bengals at Colts

13:30: Bills at Ravens

15:30: Jaguars at Giants

17:00: Buccaneers at Saints

18:05: Texans at Patriots

19:47: Titans at Dolphins

22:45: Storytime with Applebee: The time that Kevin McHale’s wife went off on Rockets in Twitter rant.

26:45: Chargers at Chiefs

31:45: Broncos at Seahawks

33:00: Cowboys at Panthers

35:00: Redskins at Cardinals

36:30: Another story with Applebee:  A whirlwind legal kerfuffle with ESPN.

43:20: Packers at Bears

47:45: Jets at Lions.

49:15: Rams at Raiders

52:00: USC at Stanford

53:00: Appalachian State at Charlotte.

54:30: Best Bests: Eric’s SuperContest selections.

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