‘Cover City’: NFL Week 3 Picks And Insight From CG Technology’s Jason Simbal

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Sports Handle is pleased to present Cover City: A Pro and College Football Betting Podcast, hosted by Eric Rosenthal (@ericsports). Rosenthal is a professional sports bettor who focuses on NFL and college football. He has wagered more than $25 million in the last nine years, getting banned from many sportsbooks along the way.

The Cleveland Browns -3 and New York Jets kick off NFL Week 3 on Thursday night with the Browns playing the unfamiliar role of favorite. This episode we have a great guest in Jason Simbal (@jsimbal), Vice President of Risk Management for CG Technology, to offer behind-the-counter thinking and strategy as he and Eric talk through the entire NFL slate.

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2:10: Setting the line: Perspective from the bookmaker.

5:18: Simbal identifies the most consistently public teams in the NFL. And how quickly people exit the wagon. 

9:46: Conversation amongst the bookmakers. What do they do with the Chiefs scoring ability?!

11:45: Cleveland Browns come into Week 3 as favorites! When was the last time this happened? Why Jason is surprised about the public when it comes to the Browns.

14:10: When do people tend to bet the moneyline? Jason explains how to take advantage of it.

15:41: New Orleans Saints +3 at Atlanta Falcons: The most popular public bet in Week 3? Seven times more action on the Saints this weekend (so far). Eric talks about why he might be leaning against the field.

18:41: Does the kicker mean anything to the spread? Jason addresses.

21:10: Simbal breaks down the intricacies of in-game betting and live action.

22:45: New York Giants +6 at Houston Texans: A sore spot for Jason as he breaks down his favorite team.

25:05: Eric talks about why it’s just as important to understand when to bet as who to bet on.

28:00: How trades and injuries affect the line movement in the NFL and even a look into what the LeBron James Saga meant for NBA futures.

30:30: The situational element in line movement. Jason breaks down the impact of Khalil Mack’s trade on the line.

32:49: Green Bay Packers -3 at Washington Redskins: Home dog alert. Jason talks about why the public has bet the Packers 12 times as much as Washington this weekend and why he’ll be rooting for the Redskins.

37:00: San Francisco 49ers +6.5 at Kansas City Chiefs: Eric identifies his favorite side. Jason explains how Patrick Mahomes’ recent play has shifted this weekend’s line from the lookahead.

41:55: Los Angeles Chargers +7 at Los Angeles Rams: Battle of L.A.! Big ‘Pros vs. Joes’ game shaping up. Who’s that lone Chargers in-person bettor?

44:50: New England Patriots -7 at Detroit Lions:  Sunday Night Football. Belichick’s former assistant Matt Patricia is not inspiring much confidence.

48:10: Pittsburgh Steelers -1.5 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Monday Night Football. The legend of FitzMagic grows. What’s the difference between Winston and FitzMagic besides a gorgeous beard?

50:10: Jason gives one final insider look into the book: What percentage of the money comes in on the spread, props, teasers and futures?

53:55: Eric’s 5 SuperContest Picks of the Week.

Come back on Monday for the NFL Week 3 recap and a look ahead to Week 4. Follow Eric on Twitter at @ericsports and Sports Handle @sports_handle.

Bonus! Check out this week’s episode of  ‘The Pro Football Handle’ featuring Robert Walker And Matt Perrault:.

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