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Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds Should Not Be 50-50

It’s a coin toss, so it must be a random chance, a 50-50 proposition, right?

Be careful with your money if you bring that amateur handicapping to the Super Bowl 55 coin toss odds at shops like BetRivers and SugarHouse.

Because the experts here at National Football Post have found a 6-0 coin toss trend, an 8-1 trend and a 19-3 coin toss streak. There is also a 8-0 coin toss betting angle that relates to Tom Brady, who is back for his 9th Super Bowl. Curious about where your money should be going? You should be.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Trends

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Win the Coin Toss, Lose the Game

This has happened the past six years in a row. The team that wins the coin toss has lost the game, a trend that continued last year when the San Francisco 49ers won the toss and blew the game to Kansas City. Some sportsbooks will offer a coin toss prop ‘will the team that wins the coin toss also win the game’ so check that out when you see the coin toss result at Super Bowl 55.

Game Toss Win Game Win
SB49 Seahawks Patriots
SB50 Panthers Broncos
SB51 Falcons Patriots
SB52 Patriots Eagles
SB53 Rams Patriots
SB54 49ers Chiefs

Is Coin Toss rigged for the NFC?

Sure there are plenty of bigger conspiracy theories making the rounds these days with stolen elections and lizard people running the government, but how do you explain this? While the recent trend is one-sided with the NFC winning five of the last six Super Bowl coin tosses, how do you explain the 19-3 streak over the past 22?

Brady/Patriots 8-0 Streak

We will call this the Brady Trend, even though it relates to his time with the New England Patriots. In eight Super Bowls, the Patriots lost the coin toss five times. They won each time. In the other three Super Bowls, they won the coin toss. And guess what happened each time? They lost.

So pay attention to how Tampa Bay does here at Super Bowl 55. It could be easy money to place a quick bet on them to have the opposite outcome in the game.

Game WL HT TossWin GameWin
31 Loss Heads Patriots Packers
38 Win Tails Panthers Patriots
39 Win Tails Eagles Patriots
46 Loss Heads Patriots Giants
49 Win Tails Seahawks Patriots
51 Win Tails Falcons Patriots
52 Loss Heads Patriots Eagles
53 Win Tails Rams Patriots

KC 2-0 when losing Coin Toss

Sure, it’s a small sample size, but the Chiefs lost the coin toss last year and also way back in Super Bowl IV where they defeated Minnesota.

Tails means NFC wins toss, Heads means AFC wins toss

This trend was on an 8-0 run until last year when Tails came up and Kansas City won the toss. Before that, eight straight Super Bowls copied that coin-toss result.

SB46 Heads Patriots
SB47 Heads Ravens
SB48 Tails Seahawks
SB49 Tails Seahawks
SB50 Tails Panthers
SB51 Tails Falcons
SB52 Heads Patriots
SB53 Tails Rams
SB54 Tails Chiefs
Trend Dummy (not his real name) is a veteran sports betting writer, who really should be a lot smarter by now. Starting with a betting trends fascination in 1993, Dummy has been chasing trends, patterns, streak and mathematical anomalies ever since. A serious data miner with real databases and betting acumen, he sometimes stretches stats to fit a narrative, but the data is legit. You decide if the trends have handicapping value.

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