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Maryland Sports Betting Legalization News

Legalized sports betting in Maryland won’t be a possibility at least until 2021, as the Senate and the House could not reach an agreement on S 4 before the session was adjourned almost three weeks prematurely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This leaves it so that voters will not be able to decide on if sports betting should be legal until a referendum in November 2020.

If approved, it’s expected that the House and Senate will both have to reintroduce new bills, reach an agreement and pass one cohesive bill. Maryland’s 2021 legislative session begins in mid-January and finishes in mid-April, so don’t expect anything to change on the betting front until then.

 Is sports betting legal in Maryland?

No. The House and Senate were working on finding an agreeable bill to pass through legislation, but due to the 2020 coronavirus outbreak the session was adjourned three weeks early.

Where can I bet at Maryland sportsbooks?

Bill S 4 had recommended that legalized sports betting be conducted at four of the state’s six casinos, three of their five racetracks and potentially the Washington Redskins’ stadium and practice facility.

This bill, however, never made it through the legislative session; so following approval at a voter referendum in November, the House and Senate will need to each reintroduce new bills. S 4 is a good foundation to build upon, but the final result could be somewhat different.

What about mobile sports betting apps in Maryland?

It’s too early in the process to be able to discern what mobile sports betting will look like in Maryland, but it’s reasonable to assume that it would be included in the eventual rollout of legalized sports betting.

What is the legal sports betting age in Maryland?

Currently, you must be 21 years old to gamble in Maryland, so it is expected that the sports betting age would be the same.

Who is allowed to offer Maryland sports betting?

The specifics of those details will still need to be ironed out in the 2021 legislative assembly, but expect some combination of casinos, racetracks and possibly professional sports facilities to offer legalized sports betting.

Who regulates or licenses Maryland sports betting?

The latest relevant bill to be in the legislative assembly is S 4, but the bill could not be passed before the legislative session adjourned. The next step is a voter referendum on whether Maryland should legalize sports betting; if that passes and a bill is put into legislation, there’s a good likelihood that the Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Commission will be one of the regulatory bodies.

What sports will be favorites of Maryland sports bettors?

If legalized sports betting does finally become a reality in Maryland, local bettors would be able to support the Baltimore Ravens, as well as the Washington Redskins, which may be home to legalized betting in Maryland. Other favorites include the MLB’s Baltimore Orioles, as well as NCAA powerhouse Maryland Terrapins.