Check Out The New Madden 19 Trailer

The latest Madden trailer dropped at E3 and, while it doesn’t give a great idea of what gameplay feels like, it’s packed with moments.
The trailer primarily focuses on the first and second picks of the NFL Draft – Baker Mayfield for the Browns and Saquon Barkley for the Giants. (Here’s how experts across the web felt about those picks.) Here’s the trailer:

It makes sense to focus on draftees because despite updating the graphics or player motion every year, the most significant change in each iteration of Madden is the updated rosters.
EA hasn’t released gameplay videos yet but those will be coming out this week. For now, all we have to go in is testimonials from people at the E3 demo.
One of those people was YouTuber EricRayweather who said, “The animations are pretty incredible, especially catching and hit sticks.”
The new animation style is called “Real Player Motion” and comes from the Frostbite game engine. Frostbite was first introduced into Madden 18 but only in some story modes. Now it appears the engine will be used throughout the game.
This is significant because some of EA’s more lifelike games – FIFA and Battlefield – have been using the engine for years. As EA tries to turn Madden into a true esport, they will need more realism and less easily abused glitches, hopefully the Frostbite engine helps with that.