How Teams Records Change by the Month

The Giants dominate October while the Panthers shine in December. In Green Bay, the Pack has winning records in September, October, December, and January, but drop to 50% in November. The Raiders and Broncos steadily decline throughout the season. It could be weather, or playoff situation, or injury issues but the month of the year seems to have a considerable effect on some teams success. 

Of course, there are teams that are immune like the Patriots and Browns, obviously for different reasons. 

We compiled all NFL records since 2002 by month to create the graph below. You can view the results as either totals or percents. Use the drop down to change teams.


2017 Wins and Losses

Following a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 31st 2017, the Cleveland Browns completed their perfect 0-16 season. On the same day, the Baltimore faithful watched in anguish as the Ravens gave up a last-minute touchdown to the Bengals, essentially handing their wild card spot to the Buffalo Bills.

After starting the season with 4 consecutive losses, the Los Angeles Chargers finished the season with 9 wins (and almost nabbed themselves an AFC wild card spot). The 49ers started the season in a similar fashion, but finished on a 5-game winning streak, defeating three playoff teams.

You may not be a fan of any of the aforementioned teams, but the information probably sounded a bit familiar. That’s because wins and losses tend to be the only stats that anyone remembers. The graphic below reveals the wins and losses for each team in 2017, ranked from greatest to least. It also allows you to filter based on divisional and conference games.