Super Bowl 53 Future Book Odds: Start To Finish

Wildcard weekend is out of the way and Super Bowl 53 coming up fast.  Here are the current odds for teams in the playoffs. We’ve also put together a visualization of the odds for teams throughout the season below. The Saints have been the consistent favorite throughout 2018, with the Chiefs following close behind.

NFL Odds

Super Bowl LIII Line

AFC                  +3

NFC                  -3


Who will win Super Bowl LIII?

AFC Team         +130     (13/10)

NFC Team         -150     (2/3)


Odds to Win Super Bowl 53       

New Orleans Saints                                      5/2

Kansas City Chiefs                                        4/1

Los Angeles Rams                                        9/2

New England Patriots                                   6/1                   

Los Angeles Chargers                                  9/1

Indianapolis Colts                                        10/1

Dallas Cowboys                                           12/1

Philadelphia Eagles                                     12/1


Exact Super Bowl Matchups (Most likely to least likely)

New Orleans Saints vs. Kansas City Chiefs                    4/1

New Orleans Saints vs. New England Patriots                 5/1

Los Angeles Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs                      6/1

Los Angeles Rams vs. New England Patriots                  8/1

New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Chargers                8/1

New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts                      10/1

Los Angeles Rams vs. Los Angeles Chargers                  12/1

Los Angeles Rams vs. Indianapolis Colts                        14/1

Dallas Cowboys vs. Kansas City Chiefs                          16/1

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs                     16/1

Dallas Cowboys vs. New England Patriots                       20/1

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots                 20/1

Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Chargers                      28/1

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Los Angeles Chargers                28/1

Dallas Cowboys vs. Indianapolis Colts                            33/1     

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Indianapolis Colts                      33/1


Here you can select a team and see what the probability of them winning the Super Bowl was throughout each week of the season.


Super Bowl 53 Odds: Updated for Week 8

Super Bowl 53 Odds: Updated for Week 8

Key takeaways from week 7:

  • Rams, Patriots, and Chiefs remain in top three spots
  • 49ers and Cardinals have the lowest odds at 500/1
  • Biggest jump: Indianapolis Colts (+25%)
  • Biggest drop: Jacksonville Jaguars (-81.8%)
  • No change: Buccaneers, Steelers, Saints, Titans, Raiders, Vikings (0%)

Super Bowl 53 Odds


Super Bowl 53 Odds: Updated for Week 3

Key takeaways from week 2:

  • Rams and Jaguars Continue to Soar!
  • Patriots still top contender despite loss.
  • Florida is the place to be with Jaguars, Dolphins, and Bucs each off to 2-0 start.
  • Bills, Cardinals continue to struggle.
  • Giants, Lions, and Seahawks all 0-2 after tough openers.


Data courtesy of Bovada.

Super Bowl 53 Odds: Updated for Week 2

Super Bowl 53 Updated odds are here. Biggers movers with lower odds week 2 than week 1 include the Bears, Bucs, Dolphins and Jets, while Chargers, Falcons, Texans and Cowboys all regressed.

And, not surprisingly, the New England Patriots remain the favorite to win Super Bowl 53 at 6/1.

Get this week’s game lines here.

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How the Super Bowl Odds Changed Through the Off Season

Super Bowl odds change as recreational and sharp bettors back their favorite team. This is a look at how the odds to win Super Bowl 53 have changed over the course of the last six months. See how the odds have shifted from post Super Bowl, to the draft and now through the preseason. The Cardinals have slid from 50/1 in February to 150/1 now, while the Chargers have improved to 16/1 after being posted at 35/1 initally. See how the rest of the teams stand:

Data provided by Bovada.